I Slept Enough & I'm STILL SLEEPY?!!

Hey-ho-hello there, readers! Yes, apparently I'm still sleepy =_= And blogger's still being a total ass not letting me load that video *pfft Useless.

I watched Fireproof on Cinemax last night which is unexpectedly nice :) Same producers as Letters To God btw.

The connection to these two movies other than that? It ish the very pious xD As y'all know, I'm not exactly the religious type.

Nor am I the type to judge and/or discriminate other religions. I mean, who has the right to do so anyway? NO ONE.

Anyways, yeah. Fireproof really got me thinking since I haven't exactly followed God's 'rules & regulations'.

Instead, I've strayed away & have done this or that but nothing serious. The movie taught me a few things about marriage too (what's with me & marriage? -.-) .

Well, when I was reading Fieqa-chan's blog earlier, I tried keeping myself awake by listening to Kawada Mami's Joint AKA Shakugan no Shana II's 1st OP.

Songs like that would usually keep me up & at 'em. But I was falling asleep in front of the computer!

And to Fieqa-chan, no, it's not your posts that made me bored & incredibly drowsy. It's me. I think I'll take a nap later.

Am listening to KOTOKO's Sociometry at the moment. I gotta have another listen or two to Mozart's Fantasie in C minor KV 475 again on YouTube.

I have a little trouble from bar 21 to 24. Why must you torture me with such a piece, Teacher Betty?! *pulls hair & goes insane*

Plus, I've got an IELTS essay I've got to finish up soon. Trouble is, I'm currently brain dead for reasons unknown. Yet, I'm able to blog. Fml.

*bangs head on the table* Susan, I hope you haven't finished your essay because I'm not even done with mine!

Some friend I am *slaps self silly* I also wanna watch Furry Vengeance! Brendan Fraser's in it weih! It's BOUND to be funny! D:

Yes, there are so many things I have to, want to & need to do. Some life, right? Gotta go now. Haven't eaten lunch yet. Cya~

shn needs her tall/grande green tea frappuccino!

Whoa Oh! by Forever The Sickest Kids feat. Selena Gomez

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