Hiya there, readers. Few hours ago, I read Hunny Madu's blog. Apparently, she got herself a new laptop for free thanks to Toshiba.

Amazing that they know about her blog & about her wanting a new laptop. Lucky her. I googled it to see if they have it in blue.

They don't, sadly *pfft -.- Anyways, nothing much yesterday (since it's past 12 now) other than Private Japanese Lesson.

I thought it's every Wednesday until I finally catch up with the rest. I was wrong. Yoshida-sensei taught me all 3 lessons within 2 hours.

Why does that sound so horrible? Because 1 lesson is usually for 2 hours which was why I thought it's every Wednesday.

The moment the whole thing ended, I slowly put my head down on the table & kept saying "Taihen!" everytime Yoshida-sensei asks "Taihen desu ne?".

*sighs* That's what I get for missing classes. Not like I did it intentionally =_= HOLY SHIT!!

I almost forgot that my IELTS Mock Exam is this Saturday!! *cues horror music* O__O I'm SO dead! Especially for the Reading Test!

I suck at it badly! It ain't as easy as it sounds okay! *tries to think of something to calm herself down*

Oh yeah! Noel called me yesterday & told me The Necromancer is finally out! omigosh!! *squeals & dances around*

It's the 4th out of 6 books of the Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott! She said she has it reserved for me until this weekend!

YAY!! It's pretty expensive but WHO CARES?!! I'll have it in my hands later today! *laughs evilly*

I can't believe I'm the 1st Malaysian to get her hands on The Sorceress (thanks to my mom) & The Necromancer (ceh2.. prasan nyer~) !

I ish the very excited. Muahaha buahaha! xD Okay. I'm definitely sleepy now. Better get to bed. Cya~

shn needs to finish reading thanks for the memories soon to start reading the necromancer

Sense by Kawada Mami

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