Another Dream

Okay. I've been dreaming of you quite often lately. I mean, not THAT often. It's just that, I've never dreamt of anyone this much before. I'm not saying that I mind or anything.

I'm just wondering how is it that I've been dreaming of you lately & never of anyone else back then? Hmm~

This dream was as real as the one where I thought everything was fine again. You came over just as you did the last time only, this is a dream & that was real.

I can't exactly remember the beginning but I remember only wanting one thing from you (I'm SO not gonna mention what it is) .

You kept going out of the house for some reason & out of the blue, Mak Ngah came over. Although, I was surprised she was all calm, cool & collected knowing you're there.

As soon as I noticed that, I knew right away that all this wasn't real but still, it seemed real enough. I was panicking the moment she was at the front gate.

Then I relaxed a little when I had the feeling she wouldn't tell anyone (which isn't exactly normal even for her because she's quite the blabber mouth no offense to her) .

I have no idea when she left but as soon as she did, I realised you weren't there anymore. You left either after Mak Ngah saw you, during the time she was around or the same time as soon as she left.

I haven't a single idea. So I called you up wondering where you went. Now THIS part was real enough for me to believe that all this is actually happening.

Feeling my phone against my ear, hearing your voice on the other line, the beating of my heart increasing with each breath I take..

Apparently, you were late for some sort of exam. I was a little disappointed for not getting what I wanted but I put that aside & wished you good luck.

And that was it. The dream continued to something more bizarre & unrealistic so I'd rather not mention that one since it's got nothing to do with you.

So yeah. That was the dream. I don't know why but I remember the dream taking place on a weekend. Not surprising there since you came on a weekend in reality.

In the dream, you wore the same shirt from the last time I saw you but with jeans on instead. And Mak Ngah was in a car but, it didn't look like a perdana.

I mean, it looked like a perdana at the front but it looks smaller & the behind somehow looked like the Satria Neo CPS I'm gonna get. How strange xD

Anyways, that's all there is to it so I'm gonna get back to bed or do something productive. Ciao, my lovelies~!

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