As Some Of Y'all Already Know

I only had 4 hours of sleep -.- I was up until almost 7 doing my Japanese homework & I'm not even done.

Well, Shana, that's what you get for distracting yourself with the internet too much *shakes head*

How come I only slept for 4 hours? Because out of nowhere, people started texting and/or calling me.

While my grandparents asked me to come down =_= I tried to sleep again but people were STILL texting me.

LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT!! "Why not just put it on vibrate or turn it off?" Because there might be an emergency.

Even though it rarely happens. I can't remember what I did after that because am lacking of sleep here.

I did go to one of the Proton companies with my grandparents & dad though to have a look at the cars they're selling.

I'll be getting a metallic black Proton Satria Neo CPS once I've gotten my license. Have to wait until my mom's done visiting.

Because I have a Japanese exam 2 days before she arrives & she'll be here for 4 days. Can't wait! *squeals* x)

About my mom coming here, I mean. Not the exam xD Anyways, I better start doing my unfinished homework.

It's now or never =P Haha. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is feeling extremely sleepy

Turn The Clock by Hey Monday

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