As Told By Ginger

I haven't watched this in ages until recently & just tonight, the 1st half hour was the final episode.

The drawing may not be to my liking since it's not as well drawn as Shakugan no SHANA but hey, the storyline makes it up.

I used to keep wondering why I liked it so much because I don't ever remember understanding it.

I mean, really. It's embarrassing to say but at least I'm coming clean *shrugs* Well, I better go now.

The entire show is about to end soon & I need to watch Inkheart later in the morning ;]

Plus, I'm catching up with a certain bestfriend. She needs my kind company since the number of bitches are starting to grow in her class.

Gotta lend her a shoulder to cry on & an ear to listen to all her complaints. So yeah. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is feeling light-headed again

Run Devil Run by Girls Generation

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