Bea the Blue Dell Inspiron N4010

Hey there. As some of y'all know, I finally got my own laptop! Well, I got it yesterday but I couldn't blog about it.

Why? Because I think my broadband bill isn't paid for & the only internet access I've got is my next door neighbour's wi-fi?

Yeah. I'm practically having fun with it since it's all I'm using now. And yes, I named my laptop as well.

Owh! Speaking of naming my things, my phone has a new name now. No longer is it Bluejay because it's too cool of a name.

I named it Will :) ~hee Sounds much more better & it kinda suits ^^ Ngeh. I'm having fun video-calling May right now.

Wee! Okay. I'll shut up & go now. Cya~

shn is having fun with her webbie

I'm video-calling Gowri now

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