Boring-Like-Shit Day

Okay. I was suppose to go watch a movie yesterday but my dad didn't call me back about it.

THANKS ALOT!! SOME DAD YOU ARE!! =_= So because of that, I couldn't go out obviously. Argh!

Dope's being random, disgusting & a total perv again. Not that I have a problem with it or anything.

It's just that when it comes to him, it's just plain gross & non-entertaining. I've got piano later in the afternoon *cheers sarcastically*

Yippee -.- Ugh. I'm not practicing or doing theory homework on purpose because I seriously don't want to continue any further.

So what if I have advantages of having 2 degrees? I will NOT let piano be a part of my future career.

No sir-ree. That was supposed to be singing but hey, I didn't kill my dreams. Reality AND people did. Certain people to be exact. Ngeh.


I just had my dinner! Rendang daging.. yum =9 I think I'll have an egg sandwich for breakfast later ^^

Teacher Betty still haven't touched The Last Song until now -.- I should seriously get it back.

Why should I lend it to her if she's not gonna read it? I know she's busy but she can't be THAT busy.

Oh yeah! Speaking of that, the movie will be out on July 8th!! *squeals & dances* Finally! I can't wait! =D

~hee After watching Inkheart hours ago, I think I'll read the book again once I get it back from a certain someone =P

Hehe. Well, I'm watching As Told By Ginger now with a glass of Milo Ice so, better go! Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn really needs to start studying

What You Mean To Me by Sterling Knight

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