Iman's Early Birthday Celebration!!

Timmy's SUPPOSED to be in this pic but he left so too bad =P Haha. Yesh. I ish the very evils. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Lol. That was totally random. Well yesterday, went for Japanese class & I swear I was dying a little because of the many lessons I've forgotten.

Argh! Other than that, I missed my classmates! Ah~ The familiar sight of familiar faces in a familiar atmosphere.

Feels good to be back :) I noticed there's an addition to our little class but I didn't catch his name.

Oh well. Not like I know everyone's names in that class anyway & yet, we get along so well like we've known each other since forever!

Haha. At least that's a good thing :) Anyways, I went straight to Pyramid after that. Thought I was late!

Apparently it was the birthday boy himself who arrived the latest =P Yes yes yes. I know it's because of his mom. Understandable :)

The hilarious part was when Lils & Sheri gave him raisins as his so-called 'birthday present' xD Epic weih.

Couldn't stop laughing. After that, off we went to watch Toy Story 3. Judging by the ticket price, I thought we were watching it in 3-D!

Padahal normal je. Ceh! Oh well. At least it's worth watching :) The audience at TGV, Pyramid is much more lively than at OU!

*shrugs* Whatever. Went to Mini Toons in search of the peas in a pod that Lils wanted so much since they were Owh-So-Cute in the movie.

Sadly, they didn't sell them -.- Then we ate at Tony Roma's & in the end, the bill was like O__O No kidding. Seriously.

I kept annoying one of the employees there (Uzi was it?) xD Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? It was somehow entertaining to me =P

Hey, he was okay kinda cute so I guess I couldn't help it xP Eheh~ Here's two of our little convos =>
"Here's the Onion Loaf you ordered" *puts it on the table*
*stares at it & looks at Uzi* "No, it's not. It's cake"
"Nooooooo. It's Onion Loaf"
"Nooooooo. It's cake"
"You're a horrible baker"
"Oh am I now?"
* returns smile & walks away*

"So how does the cake taste?"

"It's sour"
"I told you it wasn't cake"
"It IS cake"
"No, it's.."
"You're a horrible baker"
*makes a face, smiles & walks away*
I seriously couldn't help it! Uzi was just so irkable (is that how you spell it?) ! I promise I'll apologise for annoying him the next time I go there.

Then I followed Lils home since I was sleeping over. We had fun with my webcam taking pix & making a vid.

We even took pix with her webcam & her dad's (?) too. I know. We couldn't get enough of cam-whoring =P

I annoyed Lils too by pronouncing every word she typo-ed xD Haha. Ooh~! She couldn't get enough of my hair! Lol.

Mainly because to her (and God knows who else) I look like a guy once my hair's flipped to one side.

If I do then me looking like a guy is once again accomplished! *thumbs up* Cross-dressing is my favourite thing to do ;]

~hee I guess that's it so, it's time to post some random pix I like to 'steal' from people's tumblr! Cya~

P.S. Pix were 'stolen' from Lily's FB =P

shn issa lovings her hair

Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz

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