Oh Happy Day!

Okay. So I didn't pull an all-nighter. I slept at 5 & had the same 4 hours of sleep. But this time because my cousin came early.

I didn't mind because I still needed to finish up my homework & I needed my space. I finished majority of it the night before.

Surprisingly, I only got to finish all that when class almost ended xD So give me a hoot hoot for finishing 7 sheets worth of homework!

Hey, that's quite a lot even though I'm doing Beginner's 1 & I guess that's what I get for not remembering what I've learned.

I didn't do the Oral Test only because I'm not prepared. Well, neither were the 8 people who did do the test.

Kathleen-san was like "Yasashikunai desu". So I just said "Muzukashi desu ne". Apparently, Yoshida-sensei heard what I said.

So out of nowhere she was like "Muzukashi kunai!" before doing the Oral Test with the next student xD

Didn't see that coming. Haha. She's so cute :) After that, me, my dad & my granddad went to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

What for? To pay for the deposit of residence. Yes, you've read that right. After orientation week, I'll be staying at the hostel there! =D

No, I don't care if my house is nearby because I seriously need my space. Besides, I'll be with 5 others so I won't be alone :)

Let's hope I'm friends with all of them! *keeps fingers crossed* So yeah. That was practically it for the day xP

Nothing much really. Oh. Just a minor note, I texted Senpai the other day & I swear everything felt weird the moment he mentioned THAT.

Gawd! It's bad enough I remember that day but luckily it only happens every once in a blue moon! =_=

Ugh. Anyways, I'm wondering if I'll ever go out today because I really wanna watch Toy Story 3 in 3-D.

Plus, I haven't been out since last week Thursday? *shrugs* And about my status saying that 'this feeling is fading away fast'?

It came back so phew! I'd so hate myself if it faded like the last time it did *sighs* Well, just one more week.

To my Japanese exam AND my mom coming here ~hee I don't exactly have much to say so I'll go now. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn needs her sleep

Hero (Unplugged) by Sterling Knight

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