I wish I was a little girl again,
when being a rockstar was my all time dream.
But now that I'm older,
I found a different dream.
A dream that captured my heart & soul.
He was worth my time & is definitely real.
But because of that,
I'm shattered into pieces.

I hope you're happy, people. You all interfered when it was none of your business. Soon after, I was brain-washed like my family by some of you.

The lies that were disguised as the so-called 'truth' & seriously, get your facts straight, you bloody fucktards.

Yeah. I have money but you've got the amount all wrong. FYI, ever since Okasan passed away, me & my grandparents are struggling.

So pretty much, we have financial problems. Nothing major but that's only because we still have cash.

We'll be lucky enough if it lasts us for 5 years. And about him wasting my money? What a load of bullshit.

He was always the one insisting on paying everything but I decline most of the time. So we decided on taking turns.

But hey, why am I even bothering telling you faggots & whores about it? Not like any of you would even listen anyway.

So to the haters AND my friends, I will NOT stop keeping in contact with the guy. No offense but, you're not the boss of me.

Let me do what I want whether my reasons make sense or not. I'm sorry but for something like this, I won't listen to any of you.

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