12 Hours Left 'Til She Lands

Well, me & Gowri will be meeting my mom & Jordan at the airport. Then we'll be on our way to a friend's house to put their stuff & change.

After that, off to watch Toy Story 3 in 3-D! Woo! Finally! We might have dinner so, I better think of where to eat xP

But the most 'awesome' part is, my dad & his friend will be our bodyguards =_= Way to ruin everything.

Argh! Oh yeah. I was watching 17 Again on HBO & what the hell?! Zac Efron was wearing Ed Hardy! ED HARDY!!

At times like this, I fucking hate & am freaking hell jealous of celebrities -.- Grr. Their stuff are to my liking.

And you know what? Yesterday when we ate at that Teh Tarik Place, one of the employees was wearing a shirt that said milo ice for life!

God dammit! I cannot wait to get into college & actually get a life of my own. My passport is still 'in the making'.

Either today or tomorrow, my grandparents & I will (hopefully) get it over & done with. Later on the 12th, I'm off to Singapore!

Anyways, that's pretty much I've got for tonight so yeah. Oyasuminasai! Ciao, my lovelies~! Muah!

shn will get hyper later in the morning

Wish you were here! Wish you well! If you'd only share this hell!

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