Airplanes, Early Present, 3-D & Spray Tan? xD

Hey-ho-hello there! I know it's late but I just HAD to post this up just to update y'all about my day.

Okay. So my mom arrived & was still at the airport for almost 2 or 3 hours? O__O I know. They were waiting for their bags & stuff.

Went there kinda late with Gowri, saw 5 guys in total (which is kinda disappointing xP) & met my mom with Jordan at Kinokuniya ~hee

And guess what? After so long, I finally got my Shakugan no SHANA bag! omg! Best day ever!

Au contraire~ (yes, that is the right spelling.. i checked =P) There's more. I cannot believe what I received after that!

My mom bought me a Jacob Black shirt AND Bella's Necklace (i'm trying my best to ignore the bella part =_=) ! *squeals*

I shall post pics of all 3 later today after my next outing with mom & Jordan :) Guess who talked about Pokemon with Jordan? =P

Haha. Kinda obvious, right? Lol. Seriously, seeing the two of them talk about it is like a complete omg moment weih.

They were practically twins or something for about a few minutes! xD Toy Story 3 in 3-D was awesome!

The part where Andy was about to give Woody to Bonnie gets to me everytime *sniffles* :')

When she said hi to Andy's mom? It's so cudorable! x) *pfft She's cudorable anyway no matter which part it is, kan? ;]

Ooh~! I took a few pics with my new early birthday present my mom gave me & I named it Solene ~hee

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, yeah? And in advance, ciao, my lovelies~! Muah!
Totoro wants to come out & play! =D
My one & only pair of Converse shoes with Puma laces from Africa ;P
ohmyeff-inggawd my hair looks oily! D:

shn had a great day

There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart, Whoa oh oh oh, It sets you free~

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