Fourian Fare? Total BORE!!

Hey-ho-hello there! Well, today was my Japanese exam & guess what? I got an A!! Woohoo! *dances*

I was kinda disappointed for not getting 90 or more but I guess that's my fault for not studying & stumbling on my words for Oral Test.

*pfft At least I got a cert for passing! Yay! =D I was supposed to support & cheer on for May but I couldn't make it.

Why? Because I was still in ICLS waiting for Yoshida-sensei to mark our papers & print out our certs.

After that, had to double confirm about entering the next class which is in the next 2 weeks.

Straight away went for the boring fare. Argh! Total waste of my time, really. I met up with quite a number of people.

Saw my friend (omg.. i'm such a horrible person for not remembering her name *slaps self*) & didn't exactly buy anything there.

Then met up with Farah & Jasmine, her Australian friend, I think. She's really nice & pretty too :)

She's practically my new bestfriend! ~hee While walking around, Ian was right in front of me!!

Oh my god! I haven't seen the guy what seems like ages!! =D We hugged tight & I started walking around with him.

Farah & Jasmine kept looking for me even though most of the time THEY'RE the ones who start to walk away xD

Funny. They weren't kidding when they said they had a dunking machine. Wanted to play it at first but, changed my mind.

There was this game called Frostbite where you have to find this yellow bean out of red beans.

If you find 10, I can't remember what you'll win but if you find 20, you'll win an iPod Shuffle.

Thought of giving that a try too but again, changed my mind. People kept saying it's so cold putting your hands in there to find the bean, you might get a frostbite.

Dude, I know how cold it was but it's not cold ENOUGH to make your fingers or both hands get a frostbite =_=

Me & Ian kept walking around because there was nothing better to do. Met up with more people, blah blah blah.

Apparently he likes someone & that someone likes him back. Ngawh~! :) How cute. Haha.

He was an awesome guy to have offered to send me back home. Thanks, Ian! His mom's car is really nice & blue 8D

Lol. We ate at Sri Melur before I was officially home. There was no more food even before we left except for sweets which we weren't exactly craving for.

I can't believe there were people going to the concert! Ugh. So what if Yewnah's performing? I'd rather go to Usher's concert than THAT!

*pfft Good thing I didn't waste another RM20 of mine or not I would've regretted it -.- It was great catching up with Ian.

We talked, chat, gossip a little & he told me some jokes that he found on some website. Funny xD

Then yeah. Ate dinner with the fam at Teh Tarik Place in Empire Gallery Shopping Mall.

If I would've known we were eating there, I could've just stayed at home. So yeah. That was pretty much it.

Nothing much to it really. My mom's coming in two days! *squeals* Can't wait! Ooh~! And Gowri'll be coming along too! =D

On our first outing, I mean. Yay! A buddy! xP Better go now. Need to finish reading Tony Parsons' book so that I can start with the rest :)

Hope I have enough time before college! Ciao, my lovelies~! If there's anything, just leave a comment on my cbox, yeah? Muah!

P.S. Yewnah's not even the slightest bit pretty & congrats to Wei Lynn for passing her Ujian Undang2! *claps*

shn got may addicted to hey monday's new single xD

Here's my heart in a postcard, darlin'

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