I Love The Way You Lie

Hey there. Meant to blog yesterday but my neighbour's wi-fi went off all of a sudden. So yeah.

Yes, my only hope to go online is through one of my neighbour's wi-fi because I think the broadband isn't paid for.

Oh well. At least this time my grandparents don't need to pay for the internet bills which is a good thing.

Hmm~ Oh yeah! Even though I already wished you on Facebook, let's all wish a very happy birthday to Leysha! *cheers*

Like I said, hope you'll have an awesome day, may your wishes come true & God bless you, babe!

I'm sure your party is gonna rock the house down & that everyone attending will have tonnes of fun painting your room!

Haha :) And again, you're most welcome ^^ So anyways, yesterday's orientation wasn't much.

The girls were supposed to have this City Survival Skills lecture for about 4 hours but it got delayed for an hour.

We kept going to different lecture halls & ended up joining with the boys about Crime Prevention. I think the boys felt awkward (or horny?) xD

Because us girls overpowered them boys by number. HAHA!! Funny~ Was supposed to have lunch with Darimi but I arrived late.

He was nice enough to teman me to the lecture hall. Ngawh~ :) We.. well, technically I ate after the lecture.

Apparently he wasn't very hungry. We talked alot surprisingly. I mean, there were a few awkward silences but either me or him would continue talking.

It's like we're bestfriends already! How awesome is that! =P Anyways, tonight is the welcoming party for us newcomers!

I heard it's gonna suck but *shrugs* we shall wait & see. But just in case it DOES suck, I need to find transport pronto to join my besties for dinner.

I guess that's all I've got. Before I go, I REALLY wanna watch Hey Monday's I Don't Wanna Dance Video Premiere but I can't!

ARGH!! SO FRUSTRATING!! Better get to bed I guess. Goodnight, sleep well & sweet dreams. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is disappointed in herself

Take me ho-oh-oh-oh-oh-me (home) ~!

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