I Should Seriously Start Studying

And yes, I haven't started yet. I know I'm a total lazy ass/lazy bum/whatever. Shit weih! And it's today too! D:

Screw me & my terbiasa-of-being-malas attitude *sighs* I MUST change that =_= For my future's sake.

Plus, I don't wanna disappoint, Yoshida-sensei. Not finishing her homework, telling her about it & seeing her reaction, major heartbreak =/

So yeah. Also, I never knew they mark our papers on the spot O__O As in, on the same day when we take it.

Was in total shock when Gowri told me. At least we all know there won't be much on the paper *phew

And now FOR REAL, it's now or never. I'll still be online though so if anyone needs me, buzz me or pop-up a chat on Facebook. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn will actually attend 'the fare' later -.-

But you leave! As stains are left on me! I wish you, I wish you were here!

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