Last Minute Trip To Genting

Hey-ho-hello there, readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. I didn't feel like blogging much when my mom was here.

Plus, my body still aches from wakeboarding & that was 3 days ago. Well, I went to Genting on Friday & came back yesterday.

I had fun :) Not tonnes of fun but enough to make my feet ache more than it already does xP

Apparently my cousin, Abang Danny brought his girlfriend along. Ooh la la~ ;] They've been together for 3 years! Whoa! =O

Man, I envy the kind of relationships that lasts really long like the one my cousin's in now *sighs*

Anyways, didn't do much but take a bunch of pictures & rode on a few rides which took up about the entire day.

So we went straight home. Technically, my dad's supposed to send me back to where I live but we had a minor setback.

So right now, I'm typing this out with only my right hand because I have to let this kitten my dad saved earlier sleep beside my left hand.

Kind of a long story so I'll tell you guys when I get back or something, yeah? Solene's out of battery so I'll be charging her soon.

Will post up some of the pics as soon as I can, kay? Before I go, like the new song on my mixpod? Haha. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn had a great day

Call my man again & I'mma fuck you up, And I'mma fuck you up, And I'mma fuck you up~

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