Snowie Is All I Have Left From You

Other than the memories & your texts. Oh yeah. I'm not sure why but, your scent would go as soon as it came every once in a while.

I'm amazed that I could still remember it. Sorry to sound creepy, desperate and/or stalker-ish but, remember the last time you were here?

Well, whenever you walked around, I can't help but follow from behind just to get a whiff of your cologne/deodorant.

*sighs* I sure hope we meet again soon.. not only do I need to give you your present & let you pass Nadia hers for me.

I'm in deep need of a nice, long hug or two from you. I've got a plan but, I hope Abang Brian won't mind.

Hmm~ Anyways, take care of yourself, don't do anything crazy & please, try to get lots of rest & eat properly (as in every meal) . Love you, dear

shn is crying more & more often now

Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo; One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber; I Promise You by Selena Gomez

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