Long story short, yesterday we went to Taman Tasik Prima in Puchong to do that. I rode the longest apparently & is a total naturale~

Ceh3. Dah mula prasan pulak xP Anyways, yeah. While waiting for my dad, me & Jordan played foosball (?) .

Then, went to KLCC & wasted our time. After that we went to Aunt Puspa's place for dinner & found my 'long lost bestfriend' ;]

Well, that's about it I guess. Will be going there again later today. So yeah. I'll let a few pictures speak. Ciao, my lovelies~!
The wakeboarder *wink wink*
Haha.. Jordan :)
Like I said, cloudy xP
Mom! =D
There was a thunderstorm
Meet Ryanna.. we are the uniques~ Burn! ;o

shn's muscles are aching x(

I almost lost my mood again to blog about my day, but after uploading the 'importante' pics, I decided I should just blog about it anyway

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