You Know What?

We may not have last because of anons & the people who believed them (myself included) , but together we're strong.

Yeah sure~ To you people, what we did was crazy, a decision made too fast, we were out of our minds or whatever.

But listen here, do any of you have the very guts to do what we did with not a single doubt in the world & not care what the others have to or will say?

Hmh *grins* Didn't think so. I'm pretty sure that some or most my dear friends are wondering why in the hell am I still contacting him.

Well guess what? It's my life so let me do what I want. I pretty much don't care anymore. Why?

Because the people who DARE talk about us, make rumours/lies & whatsoever are those who doesn't have the balls or cunt to even put their own names.

Pathetic losers. Don't any of you have a life of your own? Of course not. And no offense but I fucking hate it when y'all (friends & family) insult the guy.

Don't make me hate or punch any of you in the face, kay? :) I'm doing my best to be patient here.

And you, please don't ever disturb the guy again because you're asking for trouble if you do.

Plus, I don't care if my family pities or loves you or whatever kind of affection they have towards you because I don't give a damn.

See how nice I am to have not mention your name? :) I'm even doing my best not to hate you since we've met face-to-face twice.

So, if any of my friends think I've become a psychopath or whatever, please leave me & my already fucked up life alone :)

Well, that's all I've got. No misunderstandings I hope ^^ Goodnight! Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is sick & tired of life itself

Love The Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna

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