Your Smile Is All The Assurance I Need

To let me know that you're happy & okay. I was surprised when you stayed by my side even when with another.

Which got me thinking,"If we could still be how we were even with no ties at all, then giving up is not the answer".

Very few people understand our situation & probably only one or two still pray that we will be together again in the future.

Sayang, as hot-headed, stubborn & emotional as I can be, your happiness is all there is to it to ease my heart.

I'm always here no matter the circumstances and/or the consequences. You mean the world to me.

If someone ever hurt you, I'd do anything within my grasp & strength to return the favour until he/she will realise that I am their worst nightmare.

I'm angry & no doubt upset for the fact that I can't cheer you up most of the time. But, I'm quite content that I can at least be there..

to listen, to give you advice, to force some sense into your head, etc. etc. Let the world hate us for all I care.

So long as I have you, I'm fine. But the day you walk away from my life (which I hope won't happen, not that I doubt you) , will be the day my road ends.

And the worst part of that? There's no turning back, even when I have nowhere else to go.

Take care & I love you. Forever, now & always~ Also, don't do anything crazy. I mean it.

shn needs to get some rest

I'm Only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift

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