The 2nd Star To The Right

So, baby, you'll never hear a goodbye from me because I feel empty whenever we're apart & forgetting you isn't as easy as walking out the door~

There are times when I think to myself "Why am I seeing myself more & more each day?". We're somehow alike yet, complete opposites.

Well, you gotta admit, we're both hot-headed & stubborn. Plus, I can't believe you're starting to like my favourite colour.

One thing's for sure, my wish for not wanting a football fanatic definitely came true. You're not typical at all! :)

You've never been & never will ^^ You're special, one of a kind, like no other but most of all, you're my one & only.

To end this post, I'm gonna be a bitch for a while. Whores, the guy I'm in love with AKA Firdaus Yasmi is mine & he knows it.

So listen up. FUCK OFF & GET A LIFE!! We may be forbidden (kudos to my family for that) but heck, like I'd care!

Any of you lay a single finger on him & I swear upon myself that I'll break your puny, little necks. Or even better, every single bone in your bodies.

Got it? :) No? Well, hope to see y'all in hell 'cause that's where I'll be. Who knows? I might be the devil *wink wink*

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