All It Took

From the Lakeside Campus, I went to The Curve to get the stuff I ordered from Rockstar's Closet.

The ride was expensive, but I didn't mind much. I texted you as soon as I arrived. So I started walking around while waiting.

You arrived in 10 minutes or less. You smiled, I waved, we hugged & made small talk.

Got my stuff, you almost forgot you're fasting (which was funny & cute at the same time) & I apologised for asking you at the last minute.

You went back to get the extra helmet, came back for me & sent me home. And guess what?

That was all it took for all those months' worth of pain to disappear. All of that, even though it only lasted for a while.

But y'know, I didn't mind. I'm happy & I'm glad. There's no need for me to cry anymore.

You've healed me. You're the only one who had & will always do so. You're magical. I know it sounds cliché, but it's true!

The ride home was truly something to remember. "See you soon" "I sure hope so" Thanks for sending me back, dear.

Oh yeah. I just wanna say something random here. WHO KNEW RIDING ON A MOTORCYCLE WOULD BE SO COOL!! 8D

Okay I'm done ^^ ~hee Take good care of yourself & the family, happy fasting & always know that I'm here :) Love you~

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