Dear You,

no, I'm not doing this post for him. She should know who she is when she reads this. So anyways..

Dear you,
I don't usually have the right words to say stuff like this but listen up anyway. I won't say "It's gonna be okay".

You know why? Because I totally know how you feel & you totally know how I feel. Yeah, it's hard. Yeah, I used to cry as much as you did.

It feels like the world's ending in a very tiny yet huge way. Your heart breaks everyday but the pain is proof that you're still alive.

Well, I'm sure you know the many ways of explaining the pain you're going through & what I went through.

So, babe, if you wanna talk about it, you know I'm here. I may not do much & I doubt I can cure you, but I promise you you're not alone.

One day, you will feel better. I can't say when or by whom because I'm no psychic. Hey, I went through it for almost 4 months.

Crazy, huh? But whether it'll take you a shorter or longer time to heal, you will. Trust me *hugs*

Text and/or call me if there's anything you need to share, kay? Take care~

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