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Hey there, readers! :) So sorry for the lack of updates :( Like I said, college sucks the life outta ya. Dah la bulan Ramadhan weih~

Aduhai~ Anyways, I have 4 assignments in total now. Haven't touched any of it -_- Yes, that's what happens when you're a lazy ass since sekolah rendah.

I should seriously stop procrastinating *bashes head on the wall* Yesterday was such a tiring day.

But, thank God I got through it thanks to all the lovely girls :) Love y'all so the very much! *hugs*

No class today. Nothing much to say other than the fact that I'm taking more & more pics with my classmates everyday xD

Haha. I guess that's a good thing :) We're all getting along just fine! And I love that ^^ Y'know what?

For the 1st time ever, I can say, I my classmates~ ;] And I mean, all of them. Seriously. College life is awesome :)

Totally worth going through lectures & tutorials everyday so long as I have them ^^ To add the rest?

There's Sim, Bayu, Syafiq, Oscar, Cheryl, Calvin, Terrance, Taran, Benny, Malik, Tristan, Claira, Candace, Joey & Fadlin.

I know there's more but I'm sure I'll remember everyone in no time :) Just a little message for someone.

Please, don't disturb him anymore. You said you won't.. ever. You're making it difficult for me, sorry to say.

I seriously don't wanna hate you because I don't want to waste my time hating anyone. So please, no more.

*sighs* Another message but for a different someone. Do cheer up. No, don't do it for me. I knew it's gonna get to your head.

Please, don't do this to yourself. I was just trying to help & make you feel better. I feel even more hopeless than I did before now.

If only there's something I can do somehow :( Wow. I didn't realise it was raining until I saw lightning.

I read Kak Nurul's Blog Post a few hours ago & it made me think. To help myself & him, I have to change for the better.

My patience needs more patience, I need to watch my mouth, I need to control my temper, I need to be independent & I need to be hard-working.

These are my goals & I pray that all of them are fulfilled before the year ends. Yosh. It's all set then.

Ganbatte~! *shoots fist in the air* Well, goodnight, sleep well & sweet dreams, everyone! Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn needs to achieve her goals ASAP

But I can't let go, I'm a house of cards in a hurricane, A reckless ride in the pouring rain.. And the pain is all I wanna feel~

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