Take Me Home

Hiya, readers! Omg. It's almost 3 a.m. O__O I'll try to make this one short. Anyways, yesterday was a tiring day of college.

My Wednesday schedule is so darn packed & I felt like I can pass out at any moment. Thank God I survived through the day.

When I arrived, Mitchell greeted me with a "Hey, babe" & a hug. How sweet :) Then class started, input output, blah blah blah.

Class was over, then off to the next class, didn't do most of the work, left, walked with the girls then hung out with Mitchell, Mariah & Calvin.

Rachel joined us soon enough after much posing, photo taking, talking & singing. Oh yeah!

Again when I arrived, Mitchell greeted me the same way he did in the morning. He's seriously in love with mine & Calvin's DSLR xD

Funny la he. I uploaded the new photos when we went into the Student Life Center/Central/whatever.

Mitchell & Mariah played pool, Rachel watched while Calvin slept (so did Malik when he joined us) .

They went for their next class, we said our goodbyes, I skipped & slept in the library, then went back for the final class of the day.

Guess what? Our 'one syllable word story'? We had to read them aloud infront of the entire class.

Gawd. Even Mr. Winston said mine was so emo before I read it. Everyone went 'aww' once I was done.

I kept wondering why. When class ended, they said it's because they could feel the reality of it.

It IS real, girls. Nothing was made up, no joke, am not shitting you, believe it. Oh yeah.

Before CCPD class started, I went to the staircase to take a little breather & have some time alone.

I was on the brink of tears when memories started flowing back while I listened to 'our songs'.

But of course, I didn't. Michael came in out of nowhere, then had to go back into class, Tristan noticed.

Crap. I should seriously stop showing my emotions obviously. It'll make people worry & I don't want that.

That was it, really. Nothing much after that. Just went home, made dinner for myself, ate & here I am blogging.

Better get to bed soon. I already looked at myself in the mirror & could see the eyebags forming.

Goodnight, sleep well & sweet dreams! Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is dead tired

God Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

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