Y'know, It's Kind Of Ironic

I looked back at my Whatever Book 2 & saw an entry I wrote 4 months ago which was exactly a month after what happened.

We talked again on that day. Then 4 months later, you're the one who's not talking to me.

How sad. Everytime I ask if you're busy, all you'd say is "Xde mood" & when I apologised for disturbing, you'd keep yourself quiet.

So tell me, who's the one that changed now? I asked every one of my friends whom I've known for more than a decade.

Some of them only a few years & all of them said I'm still the same person they all know & love.

Why're you being like this? You said it yourself that I'm not the reason behind you having a bad mood.

Then what is it? Can't you tell me? Is it that bad? Isn't there anything I can do at all? Are you still worried about your family?

Because I'm already sick & tired of saying it's alright for you not to tell me if you don't wanna talk about it.

It's not okay. I need to know. Your family is mine too. I still care for you & love you with all the little pieces of my broken heart.

Don't keep this up, dear. Even though I've stayed this long, I'm not gonna sit around waiting for you any longer.

It's absolute torture for me & my aching heart. Let me know when you need me & ONLY when you really need me.

And I don't mean needing me as in Oh-Baby-*insert crying face*-That-Bitch-Hurt-Me-So-I-Need-You-To-Listen-To-Me-Complain.

I may not be saying it straight to your face but I've had it. Thanks for everything anyways.

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