A Little Peek On What I've Been Up To

I'm only taking 3 subjects at the moment, but not for long. I saw PW a few days ago & was kind enough to tell me which college L & V will be attending when I asked.

Going out to KL seeing art is just an amazing feeling (especially for the fact that 'they' don't know) & I'd like to do that again sometime.

Haven't done the usual which is to watch a movie before/after eating lunch & maybe shop a little in Pyramid for like, a month or two.

Everything feels totally different when semester 2 started thanks to all the things that happened in semester 1.

I have to REALLY buck up on my assignments, quizzes, attendance & exams or I'll be in deep shit (meaning I don't EVER wanna see my mom pissed) .

Piano lessons mean absolutely nothing to me this year, but I promised someone to appreciate the fact that I'm even learning.
I lost one of my books which is a complete, huge & utter bummer because the story was starting to get good.

Been reading my beloved Qur'an which is translated in English >P & one of the surahs literally made my heart beat faster by the minute which is.. scary XS

Lately, I've been EXTREMELY lazy to pick something cute or pretty to wear to college so I've been grabbing my sweats since it's quite comfortable.

I don't expect to get it, but I wonder if I'll get that Sony HD video camera on my birthday *shrugs* It's fine if I don't though. There's always next time :)

Vintage photos have been starting to attract me in God knows what kind of way. I'd go "Wow", "Beautiful" or "Amazing" everytime I see one.

I miss playing Monopoly Deal & pool at Rack Cafe with my boys. Also, I've been rarely touching poor Solene this year. Ngawh~ :(

Sophie was washed & polished the other day & she shined like a brand new car. Apparently that's the name for my Swift.

Last & certainly not least, (not to brag but) I'm lucky. I'm SO very lucky. I even FEEL lucky. My many thanks to Him. Goodnight, everyone!

Pretty pretty please, Don't you ever ever feel, Like you're less than, Less than perfect~

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