Flowers, Sorrows & Differences

"In a field of beautiful flowers,
I lie down still with a blanket of snow surrounding me,
My lifeless soul goes on without a care
as my body brings nothing but sorrows around.
Where laughter & happiness were restored in my memories once again."

"In a world filled with sorrows,
I stood still as time flies around me,
My soul goes on as my heart stops beating,
And my care stays similar without the slightest of change.
My memories reminded me of how important my friends are,
It seemed as though it has just begun even when it long time passed."

"We always put aside our fights & share our many differences,
We even lend a shoulder to get over the pain in our hearts,
Life is never fair which is why it's ever so great,
There's never a reason for suicide.. even when it's for love."

Those were my words. Words that came flowing out through my pen years ago right from the heart. I edited a bit so that it'd sound better.

If 'this' keeps up, then there's nothing I can do. They're already gone anyway so.. yeah. 'Awesome' is my life.

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