I've Calmed Down

So yeah.. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for making any of you worried! x( I was in a REALLY bad mood. Haih~

Well, my cousin, Abang Danny came over today. Speaking of him, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PASSING ME THOSE PHOTOS, COUSIN!! *hugs*

Totally appreciate it :') I FINALLY have my engagement photos in my hands. Not much but, still okay.

Now I'm deciding if I should post them up or not. I can't upload them on FB because then my stepmom & whoever else will keep asking me questions about it.

Hmm~ I'll think about it. Anyways, I just got back from playing badminton with him, his friends & my dad.

It was fun ^^ Even though I sucked =_= Hey, I haven't played in like.. a few years okay? I'm done reading Akuma To Love Song.

Only because the translators only translated until Chapter 32. So yeah. Nothing much today actually.

I practiced the piano & kept wondering why I almost always play so horribly when Teacher Betty's around.

Maybe I'm nervous? *shrugs* I'm not scared of her though. Owh gawd. I have to go over her place again this Sunday. Great -.-

I'm hoping a certain someone can come too because I SERIOUSLY wanna go OU & watch a movie or something.

Oh yeah! My grandma let me buy the Vaio laptop I told y'all about! Yay! *dances* Let's hope I get it soon! *keeps fingers crossed*

I made a few new friends at the badminton court tonight (although they're like.. 6-8 years older than me xP) . So anyways, cya~

shn is eating mcd.. om nom nom nom nom

Hills & Valleys by The Rocket Summer

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