Life Lessons?

Reading Akuma To Love Song made me realise quite a number of things. And most of them I already knew.

Like people. They're not how they seem, look or act. They can betray you, turn their back on you and/or step on you (if you know what I mean) .

But they can also misunderstand you, hate you at first but like you in the end. Friends & enemies come unexpectedly in the beginning.

But once you've known a few or see how they're like, their existence are obvious. We hope for the best, but expect the worst too.

Some (or most) of us are often afraid to make mistakes. But thing is, everyone makes mistakes & no one is perfect.

Why do some (or most) of us try so hard to be perfect? We're human after all. Not robots. But then, even robots are imperfect.

What's the point of being perfect? What's so good about it? It's only amazing when the person we love say we're the most perfect girl/guy ever.

That's already enough to make us go on Cloud 9, no? And when it comes to love, yeah. We THINK we know what we're talking about.

Thing is, we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what we're talking about. There are different types of love & it happens in so many different ways.

Some come unexpectedly, some was obvious from the start, etc. etc. So yeah. Also, we can't expect much from a person.

Like me for example. People say I'm strong, cute, straight-forward, smart & whatnot when I say the exact opposite.

I'm not strong. I'm just protective. I'm not cute. I'm horribly ugly since pimples won't seem to leave my face alone.

If I'm not straight-forward, I'm not being honest. I'm not smart. I just know a bunch of stuff & look at things in my own perspective.

And another thing, why do you people waste your time hating people? I mean, yeah. I know there are so many bloody bitches & bastards out there.

Bimbos, whores, assholes, dickheads & whatnot. But why bother? If they hate you, that's their problem. Not yours. Ignore those low lives.

You've got nothing to lose anyway. Besides, isn't the feeling of hating someone horrible? I certainly don't like it.

Which is why I no longer bother hating anyone. I'd rather waste my time lazing around & complain about being bored than hate someone *bonks head*

Forgive AND forget. Do something not many people can do for a change. The concept to this is to forgive the person who've hurt you & forget about what they did to have offended you in any way or whatever.

Like Okasan said, it is in forgiving that we are forgiven. Owh. Heh~ Forgot about praying xP Do that constantly, okay peoples?

Speaking of religion, why are there people who likes to discriminate other religions & whatnot?

I mean, what's the deal? You don't have the right to say that your religion is right while the rest are wrong.

Just shut the fuck up & accept it. Be open-minded & know about the other religion a little.

It can be very interesting, y'know~ All in all, love with all your heart like you've never been hurt before.

Also, smile like you've never been sad, live like your life's never gonna end & have fun like there's nothing in your way :)

I know that some (or most) of the so-called 'quotes' I've just said aren't mine, but they're simple yet inspirational ^^

Thought I'd use them for this kind of post since I felt like saying what I think & all. Sorry for blabbing or whatever.

Didn't mean to make any of y'all bored & sorry for not warning about it xP Gotta go now. Need to finish reading the manga before I go to the gym. Cya~

shn feels.. preachy?

She Likes (Bittersweet Love) by Forever The Sickest Kids

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