Introducing~ My Ultimate Favourite Band..

The lead singer - Cassadee Pope ;] (LOVE her outfit! )
The tre-hott drummer - Elliot James *squeals*

I'm a HUGE.. no.. HUMONGOUS fan of this awesome band! And to the anti-HM people, they are NOT copying Paramore!

Get a freaking life & stop comparing the two bands, will ya?! Geez! =_= I JUST found out hours ago, Hey Monday's in the process of a new album!

I had a total omg-am-gawking-like-hell moment! Album Title: Beneath It All. There's a new song too!

Well, actually, for me there's two. One's from Hold On Tight which is 'Turn The Clock' & the one in the new album is.. forget it.

Just go to their website & to do so, click here. But if any Hey Monday fans such as myself are reading this, here =>
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Wonder Girl
  • I Don't Wanna Dance
  • Hangover
  • Mr. Pushover
  • Shove Me
  • The One That Got Away
  • Shafted
  • Where Is My Head
Those are the list of songs in their new album just in case you're too lazy or bored or whatever to go to their site :)

It's all I've got for this post so cya, my lovelies~!

shn needs to do her japanese homework

Take My Hand by The Cab feat. Hey Monday

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