Next Time, I'm Watching It In 3-D!!

Went to watch this at OU with Chiqah yesterday. All I can say is that it was TOTALLY WORTH RM9 & AWESOME ENOUGH TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THOSE 11 YEARS OF WAITING!!

But only if you enjoyed Toy Story 1 & 2 as well. I swear I cried at the last part *sniffles* Who knew being a toy can be so frustrating =/

Anyways, I called her wondering where she was & saw her at the escalator. We hugged right away because we haven't seen each other in SO long!

Gawd! If only we could hug longer :P Other than that, we kept walking around while talking when we had no idea where we were even going xD

In the end, we went to MPH & to add up to my collection of unread books, I bought ANOTHER book =_= Bravo, Shana (sense the sarcasm?) .

Then we went to Speedy's, sent her home & yeah. We've been laughing our ass off throughout the entire outing XXDDDD

I think I did most of the talking. Haha. Oh well. I only talk alot when I haven't seen the person I'm talking to in AGES.

It was great! We should do that more often, Chiqah! ;] Well, I better shut up now & get to bed.

But before I do so, I'm gonna order a late midnight snack (for those who know me well, you can guess what I'm gonna order) & read my new book a little.

Dasvidania~ Cya~ Aloha~ Ja-ne~ Au revoir~ Despedida~

shn had another breakdown before chiqah arrived

Pure White Lace by Eyes Set To Kill

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