Oh. Did I Mention?

My grandparents & dad decided to sell my baby AKA my Kelisa. I mean, wtf?! Okay. So I thought that dude in the suit was gonna send it for repair or something.

He wasn't wearing a blazer but whatever. Anyways, yeah. Now I no longer have a car of my own.

How 'great'. They didn't even bother to discuss it with me! I mean, isn't it under MY name?! Geez!

The moment I knew, I told them "Okay. That's it! If any of you even THINK of getting me a freaking Myvi or anything else, I'm not gonna lay a single finger on it! I don't care if someone in the family wants it. Take it, drive it, wreck it for all I care! No Volkswagen Beetle, NO WAY!!".

Man, am I pissed. Right now until God knows when, I don't care if a VB cost tens or hundreds of thousands. Whose fault was it to sell the Kelisa?

Not mine that's for sure. BUT, I still have a reason to get my driver's license. As much as it scares me to drive big cars, I guess Abah's BMW will do.

I don't want to break any of my vows. To the person whom I made those vows to, be thankful.

*sighs* I'm SO dead tomorrow. I still haven't touched my Japanese homework. Guess I have to pull an all-nighter doing them *self-punishment*

That's what I get for lazing around too much. Before I go, the book I bought yesterday is Starting Over by Tony Parsons. Cya~

shn is thinking of cooking her own dinner

Anticonformity by Krystal Meyers

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