Okay Seriously

I just don't get my family's way of thinking anymore. Most of the time, they just don't make sense.

Langsung tak masuk akal weih. Buat pening kepala je dengar diorg cakap pasal ni, pasal tu.

Since 3 minggu yang lalu, patut nyer gi gym tapi tak berani pergi pasal the last time entah apa-apa je kena marah.

Something about the number of training sessions. When I went there 3 weeks ago, I made an appointment with Nehemiah while my dad was in Langkawi.

We weren't even done with our training & my dad called up, telling my stepmom & me to go back because my training session was over.

It was only twice blah blah blah. But thing is, when I was doing my 2nd training session, my dad was doing his 3rd.

Wtf? So sekarang nih ada brape session hah? Ish. Memang rasa macam nak tumbuk muka orang weih.

Now baru je find out, padahal boleh pergi bila-bila masa. Habis yg entah apa-apa je kena marah tuh pehal?

Pukimak. Need to call Ned up for an appointment tonight. As for the payment for God knows what?

I'll leave that to my dad. Everything's just so mind-boggling for me now =_= Fish. Tak sabar nak masuk kolej.

shn tengah marah nih

Nobody by Wonder Girls feat. Jyp

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