Tag Nih Dari Blog Kak Fatin Razali

She's one of my lovely readers. I wanted to do this a few days ago but, I posted too many blog posts already.

You can click here to view her blog. So, Kak Fatin, hope you don't mind :)

Full Name:
Shana Shafiza binti Muzaffar Shah

November 2nd 1992

Current Status:
Single & don't get your hopes up, boys
I'm planning to stay this way for like.. forever? *tch
(ceh. prasan nyer~ -.-)

What do you fear most?
Losing the ones I love most =/

Drowning & getting burnt - which are you afraid of?
Both actually x(

10 Phone Numbers You Remember:
I'm not gonna mention the rest =P
But these numbers DO exist
Trust me, I've actually tried calling before ;]

10 Birthdates You Remember:
January 4th 1990
January 7th 1958
February 16th 1992/1995
March 8th 2005
March 31st 1992
April 26th 2008
May 7th 1992
June 30th 1989
July 19th 1932
October 17th 1996
October 30th 1992
November 2nd 1994
November 3rd 1981
December 7th 1933
December 15th 1992
December 22nd 1992
December 28th 1990
I know it's more than 10
But I couldn't help it =P

If you hit the jackpot - a trip to Mauritius Island & you can only bring 3 people along. Who will you choose?
You expect me to choose? I don't know who to choose xP Heard of the place, but it ain't on my list of places to travel to

You're at a desert & you're fucking thirsty. You then found a golden teapot. You rubbed it & a genie came out. He'll grant you anything you wish for but only one. What will it be?
To be back home

If you got a chance to swap into another family, whose family would you want to be in?
No idea xD

5 Prime Wishes You Really Wish To Be Granted:
For everything to be how it was before the drama
For everything to be how it was before the drama
For everything to be how it was before the drama
For everything to be how it was before the drama
For everything to be how it was before the drama
It's all I really want to come true :(

You're an expecting mother. Will you run the test to check on your baby's sex?
As tempting as it is to do so, no
Ever heard of surprises? =P

If you got the chance to change your current name now, what would it be?
I wanted to back then
But now? No way! :)

Do you support mix-marriage?
Well, there's nothing wrong with it
So yeah :)

If you have a time-travelling machine, what will you do?
To turn back to when I saw those comments
So that I'll shut up, laugh it off & not tell anyone
Instead of crying =_=

What's the time of your life?
Heh? Say wurt..?

Do you really have your aim in life?
I'm unsure of practically everything
So yeah
Guess I'm just going with the flow

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ian5 said...

wow!!!! hahaha adik adik.,... nothing to do la tu sampai tertag tag... ahahha

Shana Shafiza said...

Nak buat camne, Abg? Bosan dowh duduk kat rumah xD