Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Hiya there! Before I go & get ready or whatever, first thing's first, I MIGHT be going to Singapore with my mom!

Yes, people. You've read that right. I mean, seriously. My dad said he'd bring me at the end of this month & the month is already ending!

So yeah. You don't keep your promises, neither do I. I sure hope my mom got my message. Hope it's not too late to buy me a flight ticket.

I'll only be there for 2-3 days tops, y'all! I won't be long so don't miss me too much ;] ~hee

Besides, my only purpose there is to go to the Universal Studios! Also to meet up with my darling sissie, Kak Zana!

I haven't seen her since late 2008 D: Hey! That's about the same time when I just started blogging! =O

Haha. What coincidence & I never noticed. Ah.. how I miss going to Singapore. Especially that night when me & Haris went completely insane xD

Also that time when me, Yana & Leysha rang almost every doorbell of each room xD Hey, it was their idea =P

Oh well. Maybe I'll do that with Jordan? Haha. Ceh3. Macam confirm je pergi. Anyways, gotta go! Ciao again, my lovelies~!

shn can't wait

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