Exhibition.. Unattended *sighs*

For now, ignore the title. Okay. So Saturday I started my Beginner 2 of Japanese class & I was late =.="

Everyone said it was my fault. Dude, y'all know I have class every Saturday. How is it MY fault?

Geez. Anyways, learned katakana, blah blah blah. Sadly, I was having a terrible headache & my allergies started kicking in.

After class I went home, ate lunch, gulped down an allergy pill & slept for about an hour.

Surprisingly, I wasn't feeling sleepy. I kept tossing & turning but I could feel the snot stop flowing.

Then I got ready & waited. The awesome part was that my stepmom went out. What a great opportunity!

I wouldn't really call it sneaking out because I told my maid where I was going & left my stepmom a note of where I was & who I'm with.

So yeah. Off I went to Bon Odori with Tara & it's thanks to her dad that we were able to go there.

Met up with some of Tara's friends & I started finding Gowri. Found her & she intro-ed me to a few friends of hers.

Took a lot of pictures, talked about a bunch of stuff. Omg.. trying to get the food was hectic weih! =O

So many people! Dah la me & Nelson talked about stench all of a sudden xD Funny~ Haha

Gowri & her other friend (sorry for not remembering your name! D:) said he's weird but he's nothing compared to Dope.

Eating rice with egg & eel wasn't something I'd eat everyday but it was definitely delish =9

Thanks for the reco, Nelson! ^^ We danced earlier which was kinda fun because we needed to make a circle around the stage.

Quite a number of people were wearing kimonos & hakamas (?) because I was told those cost a whole lot O__O

So I was like,"Weih.. are these people like, freaking ass rich or something? =_= *tch". The whole thing officially ended around almost 10.

While I was on the way home, I got in trouble from my dad & granddad *pfft Totally worth it.

Doing so felt like nothing new to me so I guess I wouldn't mind doing that again :) As in, going out without permission.

Well, that's about it. Other than that, there was nothing much today. Wanted to go to that exhibition by Kevin Bathman.

It's the last day yesterday but yeah, I didn't go just because I had no transport & no one to go with -.-

So yeah. HUGE disappointment there. That's all I've got so ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is starting to have another headache

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fliest bitch of them all? Nevermind. I am~

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