I Said It

Those 3 words. Those 3 deep, meaningful words. Not that I've never said them to anyone before.

But I haven't said it to him in a long time. And you know what? As embarrassing as it was, I'm not gonna take it back.

I mean, why say sorry for something you said which is exactly how you feel? *shrugs* Didn't get to go online last night.

Same reason. I didn't go for the welcoming party nor did I go for the dinner. Both because I lost my mood.

Can't go for the dinner anyway because many couldn't attend, sadly *sighs* Lily's going back tomorrow *sniffles* );

And I didn't even get to hangout or even see her. Sadness~ I hope I get to see her next weekend though.

If she's even coming back to Subang that is. Not that she won't ever come back or anything. I just haven't seen her in quite a while.

Well, today had Japanese class as usual. I'm always happy when in class. Am not sure why.

Apparently, Kathleen-san didn't come today. Maybe she's sick or had something to do *shrugs*

Surprisingly (even though I couldn't remember majority of the words) , I'm coping up quite nicely in class :)

Which is good ^^ Oh gawd. Ever since orientation week, I've been eating ALOT lately. Oh noes! O__O

I should get back to gym & PRONTO!! Okay yeah sure. You all say I'm fine, thin, sexy (=.=") , chubby or whatever, but I feel FAT.

Don't ask me why. I just do. And besides, I'm pretty much used to bringing myself down these days.

I mean, there are certain days when I'm vain but most of the time, I'm not. Oh well. Dad said I'll be staying at the hostel by Monday.

Alaa~ That means I have to wake up super early! *sighs* Get used to it, Shana. Your college life is about to start.

*punches self on the arm* I've been feeling quite content since.. since.. since last night xD

I guess watching The Last Song made me feel better somehow :) Ah~ The power of a good book.

Although, it was kinda disappointing. The characters & the movie itself. I imagined most of them differently.

And the movie? Well, it reminded me of The Time Traveler's Wife because it was all going so fast.

Not as fast but quite fast & there were scenes in the movie that never happened in the novel.

They definitely followed the novel but obviously, not everything was in there. Sometimes I wish they'd break it into a series or something.

At least it'll be good even though it won't last long. Ngeh. Anyways, I better go take a bath now.

Been doing this post since I came back from class xD Haha. Happens when I'm distracted. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is feeling quite content

You blew your chance to rock my night away, I want some fun.. So let it go~

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