Dear Dean,

Read this & ignore the p.s. because I know we're gonna be just fine

You bring out the best of me without me knowing it right away, but only realise it at the best of times :)

I shall repeat, thanks for still being here for me. It means alot & I really appreciate it *hugs*

You understand me quite entirely/completely & I'm glad that life decided to let us be.

I mean, there are still people who interfere us but hey, we've got each other & to me, that's all that matters.

You know I'm here for you & don't ever think for even one split second that I'd leave you and/or forget you.

I swear I won't, dear. About today, I truly am sorry. I didn't mean to sound like a total selfish snob :(

I guess I've been pretty much.. emotional these days. Also, I've always wished I talked more.

But with you & a few new friends, I should talk less. Haha. At least you're fine with it, which I'm glad about.

You know I miss you. I haven't seen mama & papa since that night. I haven't seen Nadia & Fuad since our last dinner together.

I haven't seen you since June 5th & that's almost 2 months ago. Dang~ You know what?

I'm wondering why Faris referred to himself as Abang when I was talking to him because he's younger than me xD

So yeah. It's weird. But I guess it makes sense because he acts older than his & my age.. which is good, I guess? *shrugs*

I'm happy that Ad still calls me sis/kak because, well, I miss the lot of you so very much~

*sighs* I really hope we meet again soon. I don't wanna say when because I'm scared something might jinx it.

Take better care of yourself, goodnight, sleep well, sweet dreams & I love you. And please, get your rest. Lots of it too.

It's no wonder you haven't been feeling all too well. It's okay if you're not reading this. I feel better after letting it out :)

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