Not A Bad Day

Well, yesterday wasn't as tiring as Monday but I slept for quite a long while. It was really funny.

Especially the last dude who gave us the lecture. Adnan Omar. He's VERY open-minded. Seriously.

If you're a close-minded kind of person, I'll bet you'd either leave the lecture hall or just die in embarrassment right there & then in your seat.

Classes start on Monday like, omg! O: I can't believe it. Really. Wowie~ College life's starting already.

Gawd. I still feel old xP Not only because staying at home for 7 months has made me 'brain dead' & forget things easily.

I kinda sorta have a back problem, I can't think straight, etc. etc. So I hope the 1st semester isn't too stressful.

I'm sure I can go through this. It may be different from secondary school, but still. I totally love my schedule though :)

Wednesdays especially. Classes start at 2 & ends at 6. How awesome is that?! =D Thank God semester 3 & 6 is a long way to go.

Gotta take BM again for semester 3 since I got a D for it (way to go =.=") & Malaysian Studies for semester 6.

Wooptidoo *cheers sarcastically* Can't wait for the welcoming party they planned for the new Taylorians.

Will be dressing up as Okasan since I have her baju :) Other than that, all I have to wear are the one & only Converse shoes she bought for me.

Nothing to it. Haha. Anyways, better get to bed. Need to wake up early & I'll probably bring Bea along this time.

Oh yeah! Before I go, I made a few new friends during the Ice Breaking Activities but made one real one during Mr. Adnan's lecture.

His name's Darimi, malay, he'll be doing Architecture & apparently, he's an anime fanatic such as Ihsan. He absolutely LOVES Bleach.

He's staying at the hostel which I will too so, I guess I'll be seeing him more often? *shrugs* Shoot. I'm mingling too well xD

Whatever la. Not like it's a bad thing.. right? O__O Ciao, my lovelies~! Goodnight, sleep well & sweet dreams.

shn is enjoying herself

Hit me outta nowhere like a car crash down the street, Suddenly colliding into me~

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