Okasan & Her Words That Inspire Me Most

First love has always fascinated me because it happens to you at a time when you have not yet learned to lie to yourself. With first love, within five minutes, you accept the other person for everything that they are, warts and all.

I believe that our first love is the truest love of all. Unfortunately, most people I know do not even believe there is such a thing as 'true love'.

You're better off spending your time enriching your life by falling in love, getting hurt, observing people, reading poetry, watching films, painting, photographing, travelling, and just living life, rather than burying yourself too much in books on film theories and script writing.

These are the things that interest me.. love, and the blindly optimistic people who hold on to it, tenaciously, once they've found it. And as for the nostalgia, this is not something I think is uncool. I have never had any hang-up about sentimentality; no qualms whatsoever about being clichéd.

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