Hey-ho-hello there, readers! Sorry for not updating much. College life can really suck the life out of ya.

Just being in college half the day can make me SO tired, I'd just have the need to just drop my stuff & sleep.

So anyways, hiya! Orientation week passed & so did the 1st week of college. Not much since there aren't any tutorial classes.

Those will commence next week. I need to introduce myself in a 'creative' way for my Creative Communication & Portfolio Development class.

I'll either have to use audio, video, collage, powerpoint, etc. etc. I can choose either one but I can't do a video.

Why? Because I haven't a single idea on how to use the Windows Movie Maker or whatever else. Yes, I'm lame.

So yeah. That's definitely out. Audio? Sounds boring so, nevermind. Collage? I don't even know where to start.

Same goes with powerpoint but I guess have an idea or two on where to start & what pictures to use :)

Well, tomorrow's the choir competition. I'll definitely visit but I can't stay long because a certain someone is upset.

I need to buy a few stuffs for the 'apartment' because 1 - my room floor is dusty; 2 - there's no hose =.="

Other than that, I'm wondering if I should strip the plastic off the mattress. The noise gets annoying. Ngeh.

Also, can you believe that I was searching for socks in Guardian & I forgot to bring a pair of my own?

Haiyo. Kecoh. Well, I hope wherever I'll be going tomorrow, I'll be safe. Please pray for my safety *keeps fingers crossed*

Need to sleep soon. Promised that certain someone I would. Will start brain-storming once I'm done with whatever tomorrow.

Y'know, for my 'creative introduction. Goodnight, sleep well & sweet dreams. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is very hyper & tired

P.S. I'm staying at the hostel tonight ;]

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