Want An Update? Well, Here It Is

Hey-ho-hello there! This'll be a short post because I need to sleep since I'm fasting starting from today.

So yeah. I finished my presentation. Wanted to edit it a little bit more but Mr. Winston insisted that I go up first.

Darn song repeated but luckily only once. I had an awesome response from everyone which was good & unexpected.

I absolutely loved Elly's presentation because she did a puppet show & she sang! Now THAT's creative! =D

Visited him on Thursday because I wanted to prove that I haven't changed a bit. I was right & wrong at the same time.

I realised that I'm somehow different when I'm with my new friends which is sad & disappointing.

I hugged him & it's been a while since I did so. He sent me home & we talked a bit before I went inside.

Glad to know that he's okay. Friday, me & some of the girls went to Pyramid because we had a 4 hour gap in-between classes.

So yeah. Next week, we plan on watching Grown Ups & I can't wait! I'm happy to know that I'm making friends SO much easier in college than school :)

Let's see. There's Melissa, Adam & Kasturi doing foundation. Then there's Darimi, Leong & Kieran doing Architecture. Also Azim doing Business.

And my classmates? Michael, Elly, Irene, Wani, Fiqah, Nana, Kavi, Rachel, Rayden, Mitchell, Yuna, Pauline, Cassandra, Mariah, Lina, Dani, Vicki & Joyce.

The rest? Can't remember them much. Sorry! x( As for my housemates? There's Wani (yes, I know 2 Wani's xD) & Azi.

Haven't known the rest just yet since we don't talk or see each other much. I've never made so many friends in one week before! ^^

~hee Well, better get to bed now. Need to think up on what to eat for sahur. Ciao, my lovelies~!

shn is enjoying college life

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