Dear Dean,

now I know why I doubt your so-called 'feelings' toward me. Remember when you said you found someone who took all the pain away?

How she took good care of you, nurtured you while you were in literal pain on the inside & outside? Something I couldn't do?

Well, I remember reading one of your blog posts. It tore me into pieces, reason to why I couldn't look at you the same way when you came over.

You didn't make a promise to her. You made an oath to love her, care for her with all your heart.. forever.

That's a strong word you used. I wanted to give you a hug, a kiss, a smile when you were right beside me but, you were someone else's.

You belonged to someone I can never become. You shouldn't be the one complaining for being the 3rd person.

I should. I've been the 3rd person thrice already & do I ever complain about it to you? No.

I believe you & still would if you tell me you love me. But one thing's for sure, you don't love me the same way you did before.

As for me, I've never loved you any less because I love you more & more each passing day. Sometimes even each hour, minute or second.

*sighs* Sorry. I needed to let it out. Been bothering me ever since you lost your mood to talk to anyone.

P.S. Chiqah, hope you don't mind~ The photo, I mean

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