My Thought Out Plans

Hey-ho-hello there! Okay. So we're all having the Raya holidays, right? Some of us, not so good & probably most of us, just plain awesome.

Well, guess what? It's like, 2 a.m. now & I just thought of something which puts a totally huge grin on my face.

However much duit Raya I'm gonna get, I'll save it up (if I can even stop myself from the temptation of buying stuff) .

After I save it up, what am I gonna do with the money? If I'm free, I'll take the money out & off to Sunway Lagoon, baby!

Why? Hey, if my mom & that dude said I'm a natural at wake-boarding, why let such a 'talent' go to waste? So yeah.
I'm gonna pay myself some surfing lessons just in case. Lee may no longer be my boyfriend, but it's because of him I wanted to surf.

And look how I turned out: A natural at wake-boarding which definitely links to skate-boarding, jet-skiing, skiing & surfing.
Other than that, if I still have some extra money left, I'd like to go wake-boarding again. All those days of my whole body aching was worth it!

If anyone wants to join in, feel free to do so but let me know first, yeah? Need to plan it out & everything ;]

Man, feels so good to feel this happy again *breathes in the nice, cooling air* Goodnight! Ciao, my lovelies~

shn feels great & fresh

You, You hit me with a break, And now, You're back for more, Your song's the same~