Delayed Comeback

Okay. So I've decided to do the 'Letters' thing again some other time when I'm completely free & actually rajin enough to do it.

Well, I've been on sem break since Nov 26th. Been bored to death staying at home doing nothing with not a friend to talk to.

Oh & guess what? I'm getting my car tomorrow. Still thinking about what to name it. I already got my phone JUST today & her name's Ruby =>

Nice, no? Just tell me what you think. Oh yeah & btw, the car I'm getting is a Suzuki Swift which is gonna be in blue.

But to be honest, I'd prefer the Suzuki SX4. Big sized but small enough for a person of my height so yeah.

And when I sat in it at the driver's seat, I felt really comfortable. One day maybe? *shrugs* Anyways, how's everyone?

Sorry for not updating in a long while. Been kinda sorta busy with finals & such. Although, I'm free now but, going to Hell again this Friday.

Gawd. When will this vacation thing STOP?!! D8 I despise Langkawi. Unless of course I go there with my friends.

Then it isn't much of Hell anymore *sighs* I don't really know what else to say except that I'm going to watch a movie with Clarice tomorrow.

Am not sure what time or what movie though. Haih~ Oh wait. We're choosing either Narnia or Megamind.

I've missed out on quite a lot of movies but good thing I got to watch Rapunzel. "Flower, gleam and glow, Let your power shine. Make the clock reverse, Bring back what once was mine~"

Another favourite new Disney movie :) I always feel like a little girl again watching new Disney movies. Such a wonderful feeling.

Suddenly I miss watching Rapunzel.. and Life As We Know It. Sad that Dobby died in Harry Potter 7 Part 1 :'(

What else? Oh! Right. Last night, my uncle decided to bring me & Haris to The Gardens & guess what?

I FINALLY have Volume 5 AND 6 of the Shakugan no SHANA manga! 8D I even bought a really neat book.

It was pretty pricey but I guess its because of the cool drawings it has on the cover & a few pages.

I even bought a Diary-Of-A-Wimpy-Kid cap for Jordan :) Can't wait 'til him & mom come here again next year! ^^

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