Sorry, But I've Gotta Be Strong & Leave You Behind

Lately, it's been really weird not bringing my Qur'an along to college because I'll get this heart-wrenching feeling & I'm not sure why.

My stomach was being awkward last week or so. It's been rejecting food when I'm in the midst or after I eat whether it's delicious or not.

I'm fine now though. As for my magazine, I've finished sketching the cover page & my main article (which looks dull) .

But I STILL haven't a single idea for my table of contents. I mean, like, fuck. My mind has been blank of imagination ever since the assignment was given.

Geez. It's very specific & detailed when it comes to dreaming until it can create a place/world that I don't even recognise.

Why must my mind be like this at a time of crisis? *sighs* Oh well. Only He knows. And now, I shall talk about Japan.

Ever since I heard the news about the earthquake & the tsunami soon after in Japan, my heart just sank.

My deepest sympathies to Japan & no worries, you're not alone. I saw in Tumblr that the creator of Pokemon died but he didn't.

I checked on Wikipedia & even Googled it! He's not dead, people! Chill & wait for the news rather than jumping to conclusions =__=

My mom sent me an e-mail saying that everyone's okay but I didn't get what she meant until I remembered about the tsunami.

Didn't really expect it to go towards the US (mind my Math, it's rusty.. my Geography? well, I don't bother) . I just watched the news (17th March) on MSNBC.

I'm now fully relieved & thankful to Him that they're all safe & sound *breathes in & out deeply* Found this on MSNBC =>
California Croll, 4, makes a donation of her family's piggy banks during a "drive-through" fundraiser benefiting the American Red Cross Japan Tsunami Fund at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on March 15. While the world is focused on the human tragedy in Japan, the mega-disaster may also bring a diplomatic opening as the United States and and other nations reach out to help. The United States, whose relations with its longtime ally have been strained over military issues, has mounted a wide-scale relief effort dubbed "Operation Tomodachi" -- the Japanese word for friendship.

A wide-scale relief effort called "Operation Tomodachi"? Now THAT's progress! Way to go, USA! As for Malaysia? Well, I'm disappointed as usual.

A friend of mine posted a video of the Prime Minister's wife talking about Japan's tragedy on Facebook & man, was she impudently immature.

It isn't worthy to be posted as a video on my blog & so, I shall merely give y'all the link -- click here to see it.

I shall ask, what if the earthquake & tsunami in Japan happened in Malaysia & Japan's Prime Minister's wife said the SAME thing?

I repeat, WHAT IF. Wouldn't it just stab you right at the heart & back that a fellow Asian said such a thing to us victims?

Think, woman. THINK! God gave you a brain for A REASON! You're such a disgrace & it's thanks to YOU we Malaysians don't know where to put our faces!

You're so disrespectful! Argh! This proves that it isn't ALL THAT to be a Malaysian. Also, 2 warships? I mean, WHAT?

What for? Where's the war? And if the government is so darn rich to buy those, how about a suggestion? Give. The Money. TO CHARITY!

Ever heard of it? It means people who needs it more than WE DO (those who don't have any financial problems, that is) . Including things that are still usable & edible.

The fuck, Malaysia. The fuck T.T" *sighs in disappointment* Anyways, it's good to know places such as India, Korea & more are lending Japan some helping hands.

Good to know that there are still kind-hearted people with true intentions around.

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