If You Ever Feel Like You're Nothing, You're Perfect To Me

My stomach's been easy on me these days which is a good sign. I re-designed my magazine since it looked dull before thanks to a friend of mine.

The ideas came to me immediately! It slowed down a bit but, I still have the ideas up in my head & just in case, my sketchbook.

I'm quite happy with how I designed my front cover today at the Mac lab & I'm glad to know that my classmate doesn't mind being my model.

She looks amazing in the photo I used! With bits of colour here & there, it looks less dull & more of a teen magazine now :)

My problem was, I'm not fully done with my contents & I've forgotten how to use the Grids and Columns & the 'Dummy Text' (or whatever it's called) .

Worst part is, the official submission of the assignment is THIS Thursday! O__O Omgomgomg I'm SOOOOOOOO dead!

Not unless of course, I finish it. Hmm~ Gotta think positive at a time like this! Need to start up my creativity for my table of contents!

Or else, my magazine'll look dull again & I don't want that to happen D: I'm kinda almost done with something for someone.

Hope it doesn't turn out horrible! *keeps fingers crossed* x( I saw from the Comic Fiesta group showing that you can help Japan out.

How? By submitting a drawing of an anime character (ones that have been made.. not your own which is unknown to the Japanese) in black & white.

I was thinking of submitting but, I haven't drawn Shana from Shakugan no SHANA in AGES! The last time I did was like, 2 years ago TT^TT

So sad~ Other than that, I realised that everytime I go for driving lessons, I'll feel sleepy in the midst of driving.

Also, it ain't all bad driving a manual, I admit. I mean, I drove myself back home! And it was JUST on the 2nd day too! >:D

What an achievement! *suddenly hears Foamy in the distance shout "Achievement!"* I'm wondering where Solene's charger went. Hmm~

Anyways, today, I noticed my lecturer has this 'thing' with pronouncing words wrongly. Either that or in his own way which he thinks is right.

I was completely annoyed! I even imitated the guy! He pronounced 'dilemma' as 'delima' while he pronounced 'parents' as 'pierents'.

What. The Fuck =__= My friends & family are exceptions to pronouncing words wrongly & having grammatical errors but a lecturer?

*shakes head in disappointment* My suggestion: Don't bother being one if you don't know how to speak English PROPERLY.

Enough said. I watched Princess Mononoke & My Neighbour Totoro again. How I missed it so~ ^^

Oh yeah! I watched World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles today! It was scary :S I'm the kind who believes in the extraterrestrial, mind you.

At the same time, it made me realise how much the marines, navy, sergeants, colonels & more have sacrificed in the past.

I salute to you brave men (and women if there are any) . Shoot. It's gonna be 1 already. Goodnight, y'all! xoxo

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