We're Like The Same Song In A Different Key

"When I first met you, I saw the loneliness in your eyes & you didn't have many friends. I felt sorry for you"

Dear bestfriend,
I know it kills you & I know you care, but you deserve a break from all that thinking, assuming & such. It's not you, it's not your fault & you're not the reason. Keep yourself calm, breathe in & out deeply, clear your mind & act as if the day is going to be a wonderful, non-stress-filled day. Tell yourself that nothing can get in the way of that serenity mood of yours to make yourself feel better. Give yourself a manicure, pedicure, a whole-day nap, anything that makes you feel at peace. Ignore every hectic going-ons & appreciate the good things in life.

I may be ranting or preaching or whatever, but I'm just telling you to chill & relax in the longest of way that I can. Leave him be with his complaints, whines & so-called 'failures'. Let him drown in it. Since there's nothing you can do (trust me, i know that helpless feeling) , let him get back up on his own feet himself. Don't give him a helping hand. He has to do it on his own. Let the day (or any day you're free) be 'Having Time With Yourself' Day. Go out & shop, eat noodles, play Forsaken World, come over & go crazy with me. Anything at all.

So long as you're happy & smiling, even for just a little while to get away from all that 'traffic' :)
Sincerely, your beetch

"We're anything but ordinary, I think we're
almost legendary, You & me the perfect team~"


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