I'll Be Your Mess, You Be Mine, That Was The Deal That We Had Signed~♪

My post title up there is by Shooting Star's "Messy" & I shall let y'all guess if it's a real band or not :P

Anyways, I've finally found what to talk about! I've been reading Gayle Forman's Where She Went which is a sequel to her If I Stay.

My mom got it for me from Amazon which is Oh-So-Awesome of her, as always, & what a coincidence.

Just days before I got the book I was complaining of not having a book to read since I lost a book as I've mentioned in one of my previous posts.

The day I got the book which is on my lap right now was the day I've been looking forward to since I finished reading If I Stay.
I practically screamed & jumped for joy! The moment I opened the package, I was even happier that I got the hard-cover book *squeals*

I've been reading it whenever I get the chance to & if I wasn't so busy with assignments, I would've finished it in a few days.

Went to the campus hours ago & it felt so good to be there again at night. It's been a while *sighs* If only I could stay in the hostel again.

I'd be happy if I get the chance to~ Let's hope & pray that I pass my finals this time so that I won't get any lecture from my grandma.

I'm used to that but, I'm sick of hearing it 24/7. Plus, I don't wanna know how pissed my mom can get x(

Like, OMG! This random dude just called me up saying he's my secret admirer & shit but everytime I ask "Who's this?", he wouldn't answer!

Seriously, where in the hell do these random people get my number from?! If people I know are giving out my number, fuck you!

You have no right to give my number to people I don't know! I wouldn't mind it if you'd be so kind to introduce me face-to-face.

But by giving my number? Geez. To the random people who text/call me to 'get to know me', Get. A fuckin'. Life!

I'm taken FYI so you people have no hope of 'getting' me whatsoever! My heart belongs to one person & one person ONLY!

I don't fall in love with some random shit guy who don't even have the balls to see me face-to-face INFRONT of my family!

No, protection isn't needed for me thank you very much. I can take care of myself. Even so, he will have my back whether I like it or not.

Same goes with my dad. I mean, it's like he knows every gang in Malaysia or something. The good ones anyway. Not the fake, pathetic ones.

Oh gosh. Just because of one call I've ran off topic =__= Great. Well, Where She Went is interesting so far.
I'm reading the part where Adam & Mia is at this bus station just to bowl. I know. "A bowling alley at a bus station?" Crazy, right?

Haha. All I'm thinking is "Oh my God, Mia! Just go back to Adam already!". I just can't help it, y'know?

The way Gayle Forman wrote about their love, it sounds like they were really in love with each other. I'm sure they still are even after 3 years.

I gotta go so, will try to update if there's anything but excuse & forgive me for not doing much of posting.

I think my blogging mojo has gone but now I'm busy due to the fact that finals are in 2 weeks so yeah. Goodnight, my lovelies!

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